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The effective measure
to get your ex back!
How to stop worrying and reestablish a successfull relationship

Here's what you get:
You will get her back
Honestly. Although I do not recommend reuniting with people who reject you, sometimes it's the only way to restore yourself and move to new horizons. By following the recommendations in the course, you will bring her back.
The anxiety and worry will go away
It's because you'll understand what actually happened,
why, and what you should do next to not experience what you've gone through - ever again.
You will learn through actions
The best and easiest way of learning.

Stop watching numerous of videos and reading myriads of articles.
Start DOING simple and effective things to get her back.
I will record answers for up to 3 of your follow-up questions
I believe that only personal approach deserves respect in business.

You should not have any questions after the course. But, if you'll have any, you will be able to send me 3 follow-up questions. I will record a voice message with the answers. There's nobody else in the field who's ready to answer to every.single.client.
That's how I do it.
You will save your cash
Some of my clients spent thousands of dollars on psychologists without any sufficient results before coming to me. What's worse, sometime people are trying to get their exes back using expensive gifts - and it never works.
Uncover the new Power Balance (tm) method
You will get results more quickly - I will bring the power back to you.

Yes, you can try my fellow collegues. There are some good professionals in the market and I respect them. But, most of the time, they will ask you to use such methods as 'no contact' and 'smart contact' - which might work, but are less effective.
Rewatch the course as many times as you want
To guarantee profound understanding of the material.

Two hour course so you will never experience a painful breakup again.
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Audio-version of the entire course.
Handy document with main tactical tips from the course.
Personal motivation exercise - for brave people only.
Money Back Guarantee
If, after finishing the course, you will think that the material
I put all my heart into didn't help you, we'll return your money.

(Available for 2 weeks after the purchase)
For only 95$ you will learn:
What you must do right now - 15 min
Learn the most effective tactical actions polished through years of practise
and many clients. This is a critical point - no delay is possible.
Why the breakup happened - 15 min
You will undertsand the true reasons why she left you, as well as know
that you're not alone, which is very important when you're in middle of a crysis.
The essence of power balance method - 15 min
The key concept behind the relationship.
You will master the ultimate method of control
that will restore your power level and will raise your attraction.
As a result, you will never experience a painful breakup again.
The probability of getting your ex back - 10 min
We'll do a timelapse prognosis: from the moment she leaves you till the reunion.
You will learn the phases through which she will go as the time passes.
If you understand how she feels, you will know what to do.
What you should do if you work/study together - 10 min
The situation is a bit harder when you're constantly seeing each other.
Learn how to effectively react if she tries to interact with you.
What you should do if you have kids - 10 min
The most difficult situation. If this section doesn't apply to you - good.
But if it is, I'll be straitforward: it's almost impossible to save
your kids from the traumatic experience the breakup causes. But we can minimize it.

You will be able to show your kids that their mother did a wrong choise.
You will understand how to behave if she tries to manipulate you through kids.
General recommendations and my personal motivational speech
This section will be available for early-bird subscribers.
The motivational speech is not for everyone.
It's for brave people only.
Today I'll tell you a story about how I got my ex back.
When my ex girlfriend left me seven years ago, I felt desperate and powerless. The anxiety was tearing me apart. I tried to focus on my own life, but, as you may know, the pain after a breakup does not really go away, even after a long time. You may think you're okay, but then you see a picture of your ex, her new instagram post, and you're depressed again. The pain is not only psychological. It's physical.

You're vulenurable and you are afraid that if you do nothing, she will find another man and you will lose her forever. You think that you have to do something right now to get her back. Now - or never. But, back in the days, there were no real ways to get her back. Psychologists could help you cope and forget. Or suggest to use methods that do not really work - like pretending to improving yourself in desperate attemtpts to seduce her again.

But I didn't want to cope. I wanted to understand and change things.
I wanted to get her back. And to never let her leave me again.
Yes, I was a bit arrogant, I'll be honest with you. But this arrogance helped me find the answers to the most important questions:

- How the attraction works?
- How you can increase the level of attraction?
- Which events and actions in daily life destroy the attraction?

Do you remember the time you were together and everything seemed to be perfect?
I always wanted to understand the reasons how this happines may turn into rubble in the matter of weeks or even days. When yesterday she tells you 'I love you' and today she is gone...with her new colleague she told you about a few weeks ago.
If you ask your couple about the reasons she left you, usually you will hear something like:

- You've changed. You're not the man I used to know
- You're spending too much time with your friends
- You work too much
- You should've worked harder
- Why can't you be more caring/smart/strong/(any property).
- You should've let me visit clubs with my girls

The last one is my favourite..

In reality, all of these reasons are just excuses. The most important factor of the breakup is the absense of attraction.
When a woman leaves her partner, in 95% of the cases she doesn't feel anything towards him except pity, annoyance and, sometimes, even disgust. And the key to restoring the relationship lies in the magic of attraction. True attraction is not about fancy clothes, posture, even body figure or money. It's all about the balance. The power balance.
After two years of research, I managed to get my ex back. Yes, she came back to me two years after the breakup. There's no time limit. Then, I started practising, helping my friends first, and then, helping their friends. At last, I reached the stage where I could help hundreds people all over the world.

Of course, you won't have to wait that long. For most of my clients, when we take action quickly, the average duration is 2 to 4 months.

Unfortunately, my schedule for personal consultations is very tough. Not everyone manages to get their spot. Currently, I am training several students so we'll be able to help more people personally.

But, as a quick countermeasure to the epidemy of breakups and divorces, I've created an accessible consultantion recording which includes the most important information that I've been giving to my clients for the past 5 years based on the most complex breakup and divorce cases.
I put all my heart into it and I am sure that it will help you to restore you and your relationship.

Daniel S.
34 y/o
I now understand why it happened.

I was certain that my situation was unique. I still remember this feeling. But it turned out that a lot of men go through the same as I went through: a bright beginning of a relationship, a 'stable' period with occasional quarrels, and a completely
sudden and miserable breakup.
At the consultation, together we found several events that appeared to be markers of the breakup. During these moments it was necessary
to act correctly. If I had started the right line of behavior in time, then the separation would not have happened.
At the moment, I am following my tactical recommendations and waiting for her return.
I'm proud that some of the Mr. Smith's ideas have come to my mind before, but I did not dare to implement them myself.
I am very grateful for the help I received.
Alex K.
30 y/o
The best event in my life.

I want to thank Mr. Smith for helping me understand how to build a stable and long-term relationship.
A few months ago, I reached out to him to help me get my ex back, who left me at the moment of personal crisis.
Mr. Smith immediately said that the probability of a return
in my case is high, but recommended to think about why I allow people who reject me to get into my inner circle.
We got my ex back, but ultimately I decided to end the relationship with her, because.
I realized that you need to build relationships with people who do not betray you.
I am very glad that I was able to get a personal consultation.
Now it seems to me that the breakup was one of the best events in my life, because I learned a lot.
James D.
44 y/o
My first impressions were false.

I am quite skeptical of online consultants, but I was in a completely killed state -
ex-wife blackmailed me with meetings with children and demanded to pay double alimony. It's like she's been replaced.
I wasn't sure if the money was going to children and I didn't know what to do. At some point I caught my eye
Mr Smith's announcement and I decided to have a consultation. To be honest, I didn't expect anything.
But the very first tactical recommendation somehow affected his wife. At first she became even more angry,
But then her attitude towards me changed. She seemed to respect me again.
There is something in this approach.
My situation is not easy, but I continue to follow the plan and hope for further results.
"Do you want your ex back?
Then press the button"
I got my ex back, but after a few weeks lost interest in her. Why?
It's normal. In fact, most of my clients who get their exes back lost interest in her. Why? Eventually understand, that they do not need this particular relationship.
Do you work with divorces?
Yes, 45% of total cases are divorces, 32% include complex situations with kids.
Do you coach pickup?
I used to. But currently - no.
My situation is unique. Can you really help me get
her back?
For many years of practice there were no unique cases, and yes, you can get her back.
Why do I still feel pain? Even after a long time.
It's physical. You had hormonal connection with your couple. It's normal. The pain will go away eventually. It happens faster if you understand true reasons why she left you and what you should do to get her back.
The price is too expensive for me.
The price is defined by a high demand.

The good news are: you won't really need to spend more money on other resources.
So you're actually saving cash.
I do not want to get her back, I want to learn
The course will help you understand what went wrong in your
more about relationships past experiences so you will never repeat the old mistakes again which is a must have for establishing a stable relationship.
What books can you recommend me to read?
There's no good literature on this topic, but one book deserves some respect:
The Passion Trap by Den Deliz. Highly recommend.
Do you do personal consultations?
It's my main passion.
Current price is 800$ / hour, waiting queue is 2-3 weeks
(You can contact me at for more details)